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You've been convicted.

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Mara doesn't know much about sports.

At that time, Mexico was not yet independent of Spain.

I don't think Raman is going anywhere.


I just want to live a normal life.


Christina has begun to look for a new job.

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Are you really the one who did that?

She wondered what his lips would taste like.

The bright red flowers stood out among the greens.

The girls spread many false rumors and lies about The.

It cannot be denied that he is guilty.

The animals are treated well.

They climbed Mt. Fuji last week.

I can make this quick.

Dori is calling the shots now.

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They were wet.

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May I give you some advice?

Rebecca goes to the market only if Jerome goes to the market.

You can't force me to do anything.

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Kimmo didn't even smile.

I thought that you had a driver's license.

He was a scaremonger, always trying to make people worry.


A bystander videotaped the police beating using their cell phone.


Why do you need a screwdriver?

Her pockets were bulging with walnuts.

How many songs have you written?

The result is opposite to what we expected.

I'm going to want to talk to Rodney.


Ray is a cave diver.

I just wanted to tell you I still love you.

I've already told you everything I'm going to tell you.


Hotta hit a triple.

I can feel my heart pounding.

Did Courtney confess to killing Naim?


I thought Jennifer might get angry.

I'm working in your house only.

It's unrealistic to think that small-scale farmers will be given the same power as governments or big international companies that are interested in purchasing the land.


I'm sorry if I disappointed you.

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He likes tigers.


They were from Liverpool.


My dream is to travel in a space shuttle.

She has many books.

He acted the part of King Lear.


I talked on the phone.

I'm hoping you'll tell me how to do this.

When is the museum open?


We're all very proud of her.

Elizabeth asked Amanda to take him to the hospital.

It is necessary for you to see a doctor at once.

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The crew is now opening the hatch.

The voyage lasted 14 months.

Ginny refused to pay his bills.

I cheated on my wife with my boss.

You both love each other, don't you?


Time crumbles things; everything grows old under the power of Time and is forgotten through the lapse of Time.

You should be able to do this without any help.

This is a hospital.


Nyotaimori is where food, like sashimi, is laid out on a naked woman.


Jennifer got caught.


He raised his hand and so did Tomer.


I'm sure glad to see you.

Gordon yanked open the drawer and grabbed a pencil.

You have never said hello to me in all the years I've known you.

Bill appears to know Lukas.

How long have you been waiting to see me?


It's time to stop.

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I want to personally thank you.

This year has been a lucky one for him.

"Have you talked to Fritz?" "Everybody's name is Sandeep here! Which one do you need?" "The one that is Sandra's friend!"

Wade was supposed to be our lawyer.

I think that Toki Pona is good.

That's not Shutoku.

The sun and the moon cause tides.

For some reason, her husband seemed to dislike that she spoke of me. In truth, she talked too much about me.

"What are you looking at?" "Nothing."

The U.S. Pacific Islands region includes more than 2,000 islands spanning millions of square miles of ocean. Rising air and ocean temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, changing frequencies and intensities of storms and drought, decreasing streamflows, rising sea levels, and changing ocean chemistry will threaten the sustainability of globally important and diverse ecosystems as well as local communities, livelihoods, and cultures.

Today is the second day of the month.

Gene put his bedroom in order.

He coughed.

I have never heard that girl say no.

I'd like to insure this, please.

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Can I have your number, please?

I warned you not to get near him, didn't I?

"Your dad is really cool." "Not really."

She presented him with the trophy.

When did you arrive?


Why does luck hate you?

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Geoffrey died later that year.


Many parents think it's important for their children to eat before 8:00 p.m.

That is such a lovely sound.

As she was really busy, she couldn't come.


How do they wish to receive their money?

Heinz is going to be bummed.

You came back.

You get more wisdom as you have more experiences.

I don't like either of them.

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You're a brat.

She's die-hard coffee drinker.

I have a right wing neighbor.

I have something to ask you.

The news surprised us much.

I have a few things I have to do before I can go home tonight.

I almost dropped my sandwich.

Don't forget to call Luc.

Cristi is radical.

Just let me know if you have any trouble.

The customer did not come.

You look great.

I'm sorry to hear this.

They were under the yoke of a tyrant.

I never called Kees back.

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Sofia stayed in the house all day.

Do you want to join the special forces?

I don't plan to worry about Billie anymore.

Do I look fat in these pants?

I'm not as nervous as I used to be.

Stefan certainly deserves our respect.

We both do that.

That affected us a lot.

You're a good mother.


What we need is a plan.

It's quite plain that you haven't been paying attention.

I'm going to watch a documentary.


Please don't speak English when I am around, OK?

I didn't pay attention to what they were saying.

It is impossible to master English in a short time.

Kristen drugged Steven with LSD.

Ami is sad because he is often separated from Molly in German sentences by a comma.

I rang the bell.

The rains entered a lull.


I'm not sure I've got it right.


I'm out here knocking like a crazy person.

There was no avoiding them.

Himawan is kind of handsome, isn't he?

I climbed over the fence.

Pria tried to remember what Ann had told him.


He leaves a widow and a daughter.


The key to cooking good food is using high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Let me get that for you.

They live in a mansion.

Will there be anything else?

No matter what you do, don't pull this rope.

I'm going to kill her.

Julianto inherited his uncle's estate.

The elevator is out of order today.

The winters were bitterly cold.

Don't you worry about them.

Shane doesn't respect Kari.

She found the experience enjoyable.

I stressed the point.

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It is terribly hot this morning.


Have any of you seen them?

I can't use this tool without reading the instructions first.

We have to help.

He introduced me to his daughter.

Please come into my room to help me.

How can I get taller?

I'm going to drive Shutoku there myself.